This Micro-Mill® laboratory grinding mill features a stainless steel blade which rotates at speeds up to 12,000rpm and will successfully grind bauxite, bone, ceramics, coal, Devarda's alloy, fertilizer, filter paper, fly ash, frozen tissue, glass, grain, kaolinites, leaves, limestone, muscle tissue, pharmaceuticals, pigment blends, plastics, rocks, roots, shale, seeds, slags, soil, teeth, wood, etc. The grinder operates only when the cover is latched in place to provide safety and prevent sample loss. Temperature is maintained by means of built-in heat exchangers and the control panel has an overload protection reset button and a pilot light. 1/4-Inch (6.4mm) tubing connections on the cover and housing accept tubes for circulating water, methanol/dry ice liquid, or liquid nitrogen. The chamber is seated inside an aluminum housing with an epoxy finish and non-skid rubber feet.

The Micro-Mill® II with stainless steel blade swiftly crushes 20 to 50cc samples such as bauxite, limestone, bone, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and similar drier samples. Softer samples may be ground with dry ice. The rocker switch has two operating positions, pulse or continuous and comes with a built in safe operation indicator light that only glows when the mill is properly assembled. The 1/5-Horsepower (150 Watt) motor is protected from a jammed blade by a resetable circuit breaker. Rubber feet are non-skid and protect benchtops.